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Making elegant & practical modular kitchen is the sole mission of MGM Cucine. From concept to manufacturing till installation, we take care of it all to deliver a personalized modular kitchen tailored specifically just for you.

MGM Cucine

About Us

Making elegant & practical modular kitchen is the sole mission of MGM Cucine. From concept to manufacturing till installation, we take care of it all to deliver a personalized modular kitchen tailored specifically just for you.

We’re Expert!

MGM expertise has been long established through years of experience by its associates in the field of modular kitchen and built in kitchen appliances. Done numerous high-rises, builder floors and private luxury villas projects within the Delhi NCR region.

We’re Passionate!

Making your perfect modular kitchen is not just our work, it’s our passion. We give due importance to all the minuscule details and aspects of modular kitchen like space, material, texture, shade and light to deliver an Italian finesse to the end product.

We’re Professional!

We follow a systematic approach by allocating a dedicated interior designer to all our modular kitchen projects. At the forefront of ergonomic planning, we offers elegant & functional solutions coupled with exceptional customer service & surprisingly competitive rates.

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Original Products!

Our motto is “Good Design is Good Business”, so we make sure originality in every single modular kitchen that we make.

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Exclusive Designs!

We believe in long term design value, which we acheive by selecting quality pieces and through timeless design.

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Italian Finish!

We will be able to give you the Italian touch which no other company in whole of Delhi Ncr will be able to match.

Our Story!

It all started with an aspiring aim that is to become the trend setter in the modular kitchen industry. MGM Cucine (Kitchen) bridges this gap by constantly changing the line-up of products in our stores to encourage architects, interior designers, builders and retail clients to visit us frequently; responding rapidly to the latest new trends; and keeping our prices at affordable cost. MGM vision has always been to promote elegant and practical modular kitchen throughout India, through using only state-of-the-art material, cutting-edge technology, constant research and development for the right finish and a passion for creating quality modular kitchens. Day by day, this concept acquired form in our company. A company aware of its mission: to make modular kitchens which are sure to become a sense of pride for every clients of ours. And so from the very beginning, creating unique & quality products has played a key role, together with an inclination for “tailor-made” products, reflected in attention to details and solutions allowing a high degree of customization, has made MGM a prominent brand in modular kitchen sector.

We are one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of modular kitchens. The new manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing amenities with selected imported machines from different parts of the world. At our showroom you can you to choose from a vast selection of designed Italian modular kitchen to hybrid modular kitchens and even our own manufactured Indian modular kitchen. We have various different options totally depending upon the budget of the client and provide our collective services with strict adherence to functionality and aesthetics. Every customer get the same level of commitment and service from us at all times.

To be the suppliers of materials and service of the finest quality is the objective which tops the list at MGM Cucine. We are a modular kitchen firm taking small baby steps in the manufacturing world with passion for creating modular kitchens that are practical, aesthetically beautiful and matching the vision of our customers. We believe that in-depth consultations, discussion’s with the customer about their dream kitchen, lifestyle and budget which are contributory in easing the obstacles and achieving good design and client satisfaction. We will designs many options in 2D and 3D before you buy your dream modular kitchen.

We understand the importance of a clean, shining, aesthetic and alluring kitchen considering which we have chosen best of the brands to provide end to end solutions for modular kitchens. Our modular kitchens finish will always depict exquisite & mastery of design finesse which distinguishes us from others. Our team is customer-oriented with an aim to generate satisfied customers. We constantly endeavor to improve customer commitment which is delivered through communication, satisfactory and a flexible system of relations.

Our clients list is extensive, with the multinational conglomerate IREO topping the list. MGM Cucine is on its way to global dominance, be a part of our success story today, let us into your kitchen space and let’s give you the MGM contemporary or MGM classic touch. Moreover, we also carry out turnkey execution. Go Modular with MGM Cucine!